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German shepherd Daisy has fallen in love with an on-screen dog from her favourite Disney movie – and even tries to play with him.

An impossibly cute TikTok video saw the two-year-old dog watching the ‘a gentleman always has his handkerchief ready’ scene in 101 Dalmatians.

In the clip, cheeky Pongo stole Roger’s hat in the park and shook it, in a bid to get the attention of Perdita and her owner, Anita.

And as Pongo ragged the hat in his mouth, Daisy followed his lead and did the exact same with her toy.

Only, she did so with such impeccable timing, it seemed as though she’d watched and copied the film many times before.

Posted to Daisy’s account @daisygirlgsd, the caption read: “Oh you know just hanging with Pongo.”

But viewers couldn’t get enough of this lovestruck pup, with one saying it was the ‘best thing I’ve seen today’.

Another added: “Doggo equivalent of when people recite lines in films.”

“Now this is talent. Hollywood, are you watching?” said a third.

Daisy isn’t the only one to love 101 Dalmatians, though, tiny dally puppy Dottie is also obsessed with the 1961 Disney classic .

The tiny pup fits right in with the dogs as she watches a scene where Perdita, Pongo and the pups are watching a Kanine Krunchies advert, jumping up at the TV for a closer look in loveable TikTok video.

She fits right in with the film’s dogs, Lucky, Rolo, Patch and Freckles – and even has a suitable name to match.

And it’s not just dogs who love Disney, but cats too – with one golden retriever and moggy duo that love to watch The Lion King together.

In a TikTok video posted by the account @nobu_smaj, golden retriever Nobu is standing in front of the television set with his tail wagging, with Caesar the cat sitting on the media stand engrossed in the movie.

The scene shows Simba’s ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ song, with a whole savannah of animals parading behind him in the 2019 remake.

As the song plays, Caesar even creeps closer to the screen for a better look at the lion cubs.