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There were times early this season when the Chiefs looked like one of the worst defensive teams in the history of the NFL, but that has ceased to be the case in recent weeks.

The Chiefs won their fifth straight game with a 22-9 win over the Broncos on Sunday night and the defense played a major role in making the win happen. They forced three turnovers, returned an interception for a touchdown, and kept Denver out of the end zone during the victory.

After the game, head coach Andy Reid noted that the Chiefs were able to apply steady pressure to Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and called the defensive effort “beautiful to watch” while discussing the reasons why things have improved on that side of the ball.

“I think health is one thing,” Reid said, via Jordan Foote of “I think our front is playing well. It was a nice addition Brett Veach had with Melvin Ingram. The guys are taking a lot of pride in what they’re doing there, and they’re healthy. So, knock on wood it stays that way, but they sure are playing hard.”

The Chiefs haven’t totally rediscovered their offensive groove, but they are allowing 11 points per game over their five-game winning streak and that kind of defensive performance buys time to get right on the other side of the ball.