Show Up

News for nerds

The Eagles are virtually guaranteed to get the Colts’ first-round pick in the 2022 NFL draft.

The trade that sent Carson Wentz to Indianapolis gave Philadelphia the Colts’ first-round pick if Wentz plays at least 75 percent of the Colts’ offensive snaps this season. Through Sunday’s win over the Texans, Wentz has played 853 of the Colts’ 875 snaps this season, or 97.5 percent.

The Colts’ offense is on pace to play 1,144 snaps this season, which would mean Wentz needs to play 858 snaps on the season to reach 75 percent. So Wentz only needs to play a grand total of five more snaps over the Colts’ final four games to get there. Barring Wentz suffering a season-ending injury at the start of the Colts’ next game, he’ll reach the 75 percent threshold.

The Eagles also own their own first-round pick and the Dolphins’ first-round pick next year. They’re well-positioned to add a bounty of talent in the 2022 draft.