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If you didn’t know that tool manufacturer DeWalt made wireless headphones, don’t worry — we hadn’t either until they started catching on fire. The DeWalt-branded Jobsite Pro Wireless Earphones are being recalled by manufacturer E-filliate for safety concerns of overheating. The company said the recall affects about 301,000 units, which were were sold in stores including Home Depot and Lowes between December 2019 and July 2021.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall on December 1st and said there had been 61 reports of the headphones overheating, including five fire incidents and four minor burn injuries.

E-filliate says customers can contact the company for a free replacement of its $60 headsets but did not mention what the replacements would be. E-filliate didn’t reply to a request for comment from The Verge seeking details about whether the headphones would be remanufactured with design corrections.

The Jobsite Pros themselves follow the neckbuds design, popularized in 2015 by LG’s Tone line and Samsung’s Level-U versions. DeWalt’s headset included wingtips in the buds to secure it to the ear and sports its signature rugged black and yellow look.

DeWalt still has a product page up for the Jobsite Pros and has not yet officially commented on the situation. Reviews from customers mentioned problems with waterproofing, charging, and other quality issues.

If you own the DeWalt Jobsite Pros, please use the contact provided below for information on how to get your replacements.