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Patrick Mahomes baffled by false start penalty

Late in the Chiefs’ win over the Broncos on Sunday Night Football, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was flagged for a false start. “I still don’t know why I got called

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Study outlines ways to help children learn forgiveness

A recent study suggests that teaching children to understand other people’s perspectives could make it easier for them to learn how to forgive other people. The study also found that

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U.S. bank regulator urges vigilance as ransomware attacks on the rise

A top U.S. banking regulator is cautioning firms to ensure they have robust policies to protect themselves from cyberattacks, saying it is seeing an uptick in ransomware attacks, it said

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This is not a drill please return these DeWalt wireless neckbuds for your safety

If you didn’t know that tool manufacturer DeWalt made wireless headphones, don’t worry — we hadn’t either until they started catching on fire. The DeWalt-branded Jobsite Pro Wireless Earphones are

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Golden retriever, 13, who can barely walk has the time of her life in giant leaf pile

There’s nothing that quite brings out an inner child – or puppy – like a big pile of leaves, and golden retriever Darcy proves that she’s still young at heart

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