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It’s not every day you’re left puzzled, wondering what heartless thief would steal sweet treats you’ve left for hard-working delivery drivers.

It certainly isn’t a common experience when you then discover your common thieves are in fact common critters.

This is exactly what happened to a mother and daughter when they set out to find out exactly who was stealing their Snickers from their porch.

The pair were left in stitches at their security footage when they discovered sneaky squirrels were the cunning culprits, grabbing themselves a chocolate bar or two right from the family home in Illinois.

The pair took to TikTok to show the hilarious footage of their neighbourhood thieves in action.

The clip, which was posted by user @jennaelghatit has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

At the start, the mum is heard exclaiming: “Oh my, someone took a sh*t ton of Snickers.

“Oh my God yeah, I put like 7 out there.”

As the pair further inspect, they realise no deliveries had been made to their house and are further confused as to why any treats would have been taken.

Ironically enough, the mum makes another statement, saying she hopes the culprits do not turn out to be squirrels, to which the daughter replies puzzled, ‘A squirrel?’, as they return back into the house.

But only a couple of seconds later, out pops the thief, a squirrel, as it welcomes itself to the basket of treats.

The 30-second clip has left many in stitches, as many are still amazed that the culprit was in fact just a cheeky critter.

One user was amazed, stating: “WHAT, how was it actually a squirrel”.

While another referenced Snickers iconic slogan: “That was actually the driver…he just wasn’t himself because he was hungry”.

One user wrongly thought it was the daughter who was the culprit, as they said: “I thought the daughter took all the snickers & and was playing it off like she didn’t know because that’d be me”.

As another commented on the rude manner of the squirrel stating: “he didn’t even deliver anything”.

Although squirrels have been reported to raid bird feeders, it seems they have adopted sweet tooths and are expanding their pickings.